Glass Tap Master Challenge

*** This game does not endorse the consumption of alcohol in excess, the consumption of alcohol by minors or drinking after or while driving. Please drink responsibly, and above all…FOLLOW THE LAW. It is there to save lives. ***

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Glassware Guide to Craft Beers

Hello! Welcome to the Support page for the iPhone game Glass Tap Master Challenge. This is a game that I made as a fun side project. I started thinking about what kind of game I would enjoy playing, and made it.

Here’s some basic information about the game. When you’re playing, you tap everything that pops up on the screen except empty glasses. Different sized glasses, and power ups will appear on the screen. Each glass type stays on the screen for a different amount of time, and has a different base point value. The power ups are an ice cube that freezes everything on the screen, a tap that automatically generates glasses on the screen, a bomb that destroys everything on the screen, and a clock that adds more time to the timer.

You can earn in-game credits by simply playing the game. You earn 1 coaster for every 100 points you score, and they can be used to purchase upgrades such as point multipliers and new glasses. Golden mugs will randomly appear on the screen while you’re playing, and they can be used to add more time once the normal game clock has expired.

As much as I have tested the game myself, I would not be surprised if there are issues. I made this game by myself, and I did it in the very limited spare time I have. If you discover an issue then mention it in the comments below, and I’ll look into it when I get time.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my game! I really enjoyed making it, and I hope you have fun playing it!!!


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