I’ve been thinking about making a post like this for quite some time. So here it is. People make widespread stereotypes about the South. I understand stereotypes. I am in no way saying I think people from the South are the only people that have stereotypes associated with then. However, stereotypes about people from the South are often incredibly mean spirited. They lead to things being said that are hateful. How is this acceptable?

No really, I would like to know how it is acceptable? How is it acceptable to say that all people who live in the South are ignorant, uneducated, racist, inbreds who live in mobile homes? Some of you are going to laugh at that sentence. Why? Why is that funny? Many other stereotypes will either label you as a racist or a bigot, but stereotypes about the South are generally seen as being acceptable.

You see it everywhere. You see it when you interact with people on the internet. Now, I’ll admit, I talk a little slow and have a bit of a Southern drawl, but not all people from the South speak “redneck.” This is something you always see this time of year, with the Iron Bowl just around the corner. I like to read sports articles about how people think the game is going to turn out. I should always stop at reading the article and not move on to read the comments, but I always read a good portion of the comments and they always contain people who spew stereotypical hate and ignorance about people from the South.

So here goes nothing. I am from Alabama. There are things I love about the state and things I hate about the state, but I have lived my entire life here and I’m proud of it. I have a college education. I can speak proper English. I was not related to my wife when we had our wedding. I am a computer programmer and I own a small brewery that I am currently in the process of finding a new home for. I have written two full length novels and self-published one of them. I have said it once and I will say it again, I am from Alabama and I am proud of it!

I doubt this will take off. I doubt anyone will pay a single bit of attention to it, and it will be but a flash in the pan, but I’m tired of the ignorant and hateful remarks that are tossed in our direction in the name of humor. Sometimes, they’re just tossed our way in the name of hate as well. If you are from Alabama and you are proud of that fact then go on Twitter, use #IAmFromAlabama, and tell everybody why you don’t fit into their cookie cutter stereotypes.


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