Another Flash Fiction

Here’s another Chuck Wendig Flash Fiction entry. It’s going to see a little disjointed because it’s just the first 200 words of a story. I decided to also turn this into an exercise in first person present tense narrative. It’s something I want to do more of and definitely need a LOT of practice.

“Lying nude in the middle of this cotton field, I sense things differently than I have in sometime. I’m cold. It’s the first time I’ve felt cold since she died. The air flows over my body like ice cold water from a stream. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I can’t help but to hope that I die in this field. I’m, however, smart enough to know that’s not going to happen.

Nothing has felt the same since they killed Adrianna. Every day I roam from city to city, hoping beyond hope that someone will recognize who I am and decide to take my life away. It never happens. Every now and then someone will recognize who I am, but usually they are too frightened to do anything about it.

I don’t blame them. I did some very nasty things at the end of the last war. Several countries banned me from entrance. I, however, did what I needed to do to make sure that the war ended. I did what I was paid for. Little did I know that the immortality they offered as payment would be spent in exile, trying to come up with ways to bring back Adrianna.”

4 thoughts on “Another Flash Fiction

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    • Thanks! I liked your addition. It will be interesting to see what other people do with it. I haven’t done any of the other rounds since the first one. I’ve wanted to, but really haven’t had much time.

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