So Many Ideas, So Little Time

Today I started thinking about all of the ideas for novels that have gone through my head throughout the years. Some of them I have worked on, but most of them have just stayed ideas in my head. The first novel I ever finished was a train wreck. I wrote it over a four year period of time, starting in high school and finishing in college. You can imagine that the quality of writing between the beginning and the end was vastly different.

Although I largely scrapped that novel, I learned a lot from the process of writing and editing it. I tried to shove way too much into that novel. Realistically it should have been two separate novels and possibly needed to have a prequel. I’ve never fully decided on whether or not I want to write a prequel if I ever revisit that story line. I don’t know if I’m enthralled by the back story leading into it enough to write a prequel based on it even though there is definitely enough material to build a prequel off of.

I wrote down the title of every novel idea that I could think of off the top of my head. Even if I became successful enough at the brewery and writing to be able to work full time brewing and writing, I don’t know if I’d ever be able to turn all of the ideas in my head into finished novels. I’m always coming up with new ideas as well. I guess an abundance of ideas isn’t a bad thing to have, but it’s frustrating to not be able to give them all the attention that they deserve.

I decided to write this blog and post the titles of all my brain novels or brain children. I seriously doubt you would really be able to get much from the titles, but it might give you some idea of exactly how much I have going through my head.

The Final Requiem (working title of current work in progress)
Rise of the Mystics
The Return to Balance
In His Image (the first novel I ever finished)
In His Image: The Great War
The Room of a Thousand Doors (have started this one several times but never finished it)
The City of Ashes (this idea just came to me last week)
A Powerful Thing (have started, but have not gone very far)
The Gem Sword Chronicles: The Ice Lord
The Gem Sword Chronicles: The Swift Blade Champion
The Gem Sword Chronicles: Finding Life
The Gem Sword Chronicles: Chasing Order and Chaos
The Gem Sword Chronicles: Shades of Death
The Gem Sword Chronicles: Scaling the Mountain
The Gem Sword Chronicles: The Fire Lord
The Gem Sword Chronicles: To Tame the Sea
The Gem Sword Chronicles: Unrelenting Winds
The Gem Sword Chronicles: The City of Sorrow
The Gem Sword Chronicles: Sky Scrapers and Salvation
The Lurkers
A Little Fall of Rain

They’re all obviously working titles and will probably not be the final title, and of course that is if I ever even get around to writing them all. They are also only the ones that I could think of, at this particular moment, off the top of my head. I think my next blog post is going to have an excerpt from my current work in progress. I just need to think of the right excerpt to include.


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