The longest journey

So I’m hanging out at home. My daughter is asleep in the other room, my wife is away at a bridal shower and I’m eating some leftover pizza, drinking a nice crisp IPA from @Back40Tweets and reading some pretty hilarious tweets by @AnneWheaton when I come to the conclusion that maybe I should go ahead and start my blog…so here I am.

Ever since I started reading the blog that @wilw does, I imagined that it would probably be a good idea for me to write my own blog. The closer I get to being ready to self publish my book the more I began to think that I really should just get started and write it. Well that’s enough back story. I should really get down to the meat of the blog now.

I figured it would be a good idea for me to explain the title of my blog for my first post. Hold My Beer and Watch This. It’s a phrase that can conjure up many different images for many different people. I really like how @wilw does his blog so I will probably model mine heavily after his. Sorry, I have ADD and change thought processes mid-stream quite often. I hope I don’t give you whiplash. I promise, I don’t do that in my creative writing though.

Back to hold my beer and watch this. I chose that as a title because pretty much every time you hear somebody say that you know something amazing is about to happen. You don’t know if it is going to be something amazingly good or amazingly bad, but you know something amazing is going to happen. That’s the experience I want people to have when they read my blog.

As I said earlier, I’m mainly starting this blog to increase my web presence as I get ready to self publish my novel. It’s a novel about angels and demons and I’ve finished a rough draft as well as finished two revisions. Right now I’m in the process of getting other people to read it and critique it for me. One of the people reading it for me is @LyssaPearl…btw she has a really awesome online nail polish store at and you should definitely check it out.

I’m hoping to have it ready to self publish sometime in the near future, but I’ve never had a novel reach the point that I was happy enough with it to try to publish it so I don’t know how much longer it will take. I love writing. Writing and beer brewing are two of my greatest passions (I will write about my beer brewing in other blogs.) Up until recently I’ve had a very hard time finding the inspiration or motivation to sit down and write anything.

It has been the complete opposite with this latest novel. I have been completely obsessed with it. I hate that I have so little time to work on it during my day. It’s actually quite hilarious how everything works out. I had reoccurring dreams about the novel being optioned to be turned into a movie and @wilw playing the protagonist for several weeks after I started writing the novel. That led me to finding the blog of @wilw, which inspired me to eventually start my own blog and once again…here I am. Well, I’m sure nobody will read this first blog, but here it is anyway. Now that I have it started I plan to post much more frequently. I might even start to post excerpts from the novel that I am working on.


Joe Donahue


4 thoughts on “The longest journey

  1. Usually when I hear that phrase someone is either about to accidently set themselves on fire, or somehow end up impaling themselves with safety scissors and a piece of gum. Kind of like MacGyver, if MacGyver were a complete imbecile.

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